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Etisalat Online Recharge

Etisalat is the national telecommunications operator of the UAE, which is the strongest brand in the Middle East and Africa and the 4th brand in the world. Talking about Etisalat, we must say that in 2022, the operator completely updated its travel SIM lines. Now, depending on the chosen tariff, users can access not only calls but even unlimited Internet. To use mobile communications and the Internet, is enough to make Etisalat recharge online to UAE.You can top up your Etisalat account using any bank card Mastercard/Visa or Crypto payment. After proceeding with the payment your account will be recharged in a few seconds.

What is the Expiry Date of Etisalat Code Credit?

To control your credit balance on the Etisalat network or learn what is the expiry date of the Etisalat code credit is not difficult at all. All you have to do is enter the required USSD code on your smartphone with the Etisalat card installed. After entering the code, you will be shown the balance on the card. Checking is free.

  • To check your expiry date of Etisalat code credit you need to dial *121# or dial 121 and listen to the instructions.
  • If you use the USSD code, you will see the data on the screen.

Etisalat Online Recharge

Etisalat in the United Arab Emirates is recharged instantly, which means that the recharge will be sent directly to your mobile phone number within a few seconds (in rare cases, within two hours). You can send money both from the United Arab Emirates and from abroad.

How do I send Etisalat recharge to the UAE? To send recharge through the online service, just follow a few simple steps:

  • Register on the online service website or log in if you have an account already.
  • Indicate your mobile number.
  • Choose the amount to recharge.
  • Click “Add to card”.

You can top up your Etisalat account using any bank card Mastercard/Visa or Crypto payment. After proceeding with the payment your account will be recharged in a few seconds.

Is It Possible to Recharge Etisalat Prepaid Data Plans?

Perhaps some remember the times when the credit ended unexpectedly and the conversation was interrupted. To continue using mobile communications in the UAE, the only solution was to buy a new card.

So answer the question “Can I recharge Etisalat prepaid data plans?” yes. Now Etisalat subscribers can recharge their prepaid packages using a convenient online service. To do this, just choose the appropriate tariff plan. The operator offers different monthly and daily rates. Therefore, you can choose the suitable option depending on your needs and recharge your account instantly at any convenient time.

Can I recharge Etisalat from India, you may ask? You can recharge your Etisalat from India or any other country. You can do it online using your bank card Visa or Mastercard.

How to Check the Etisalat AE Balance?

If you need to check your balance or your tariff details, you might be searching for how to contact Etisalat UAE. For the convenience of users, the operator has created shortcodes that are easy to remember.

Checking Etisalat's balance is even easier than you can imagine. You can use the following tips:

  • The mobile app is one of the quickest and easiest ways to take control of all the details about the account.
  • For subscribers who have a postpaid plan: select *140# USSD code to check Etisalat postpaid account.
  • For subscribers who have Etisalat prepaid plan, dial *121# USSD to check your balance.

Now you learn how to check your Etisalat AE balance. Etisalat sends reminder messages to users who have reached 80% or 100% of their balance. Therefore, even if you forgot to top up your account on time, you can quickly do it online after receiving a notification.

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