How to make a cheap international call from the UAE?

Some life hacks that you should to know

Being an expat in another country is exciting, thrilling and fascinating but also sometimes it is a lonely experience. Despite all of the beauty and comfort that surround us we are still missing our home and our loved ones.

Unfortunately, Internet calling services such as Skype, WhatsApp, Viber etc. are banned from using in the UAE. Only sending messages, recording audio and sharing photos is not enough. You should know that there are other options on how to make international calls cheaper and we would like to share with you our tricks of saving on calls. In fact, we recommend to use all of them and talk to your friends and family as much as you want. You are welcome!

So, there are several options.

The first one is one of the easiest

You should buy a special tariff with any of the local mobile operators: Du/Etisalat/Virgin that has flexible minutes.

One of the most popular Postpaid tariffs with Du is 300 flexible minutes for 150 AED/month.
There are other good tariffs with flexible minutes offered by all local mobile operators, you can choose the one that suits you the most.
Flexible minutes means that you can use these minutes to call on a local number the same as to your home country. Convenient, right!
So, the first week of the month you can use these minutes, it all depends on how much you talk. And if to compare the cost of local and international minutes it is obvious that using them to call to your home makes financial sense.

The second option is even cheaper

And it is very useful if you do not want to bind yourself with a contract which is quite expensive to quit.
You can always have a Prepaid local Du/Etisalat/Virgin mobile number and top-up your Prepaid account only when you need it.
It will also save your budget because you can control it.

You can as well top-up your Prepaid local number:

Top-up only for the needed amount and use it either on local or international calls. What is even more convenient for you is to purchase a separate product in this case to call your home country.

You might not know it but Du and Etisalat have special VoIP calling cards that can be used to make international calls.

They are Du Hello cards with different denominations:

As well Etisalat Five cards which also have the same denominations:

By the way you can purchase all of these international calling cards on our website for its face value, without any service fee.

These cards have special tariffs on international calls which are the cheapest in the UAE market. Again, your budget is safe because you know exactly how much you spend, not more and not less and without any debts. You should definitely try it and check for yourself!

The last but not the least option

Is to top-up your family's mobile number at home and call to the UAE from your home country.

This is also a very good money saving alternative.
There is no need for your family to top-up their mobile account by themselves, you can easily do it from here using International Mobile Recharge.

Usually the tariffs on International calls from our home country is much cheaper than from the UAE. As well this is a kind of assistance for your family.
We all know how important it is to help and support our loved ones.

Making other people happy makes our life worth living. In fact, we are also offering very attractive prices and denominations on International top-up service.
We have the widest range of countries and operators and as well we have a lot of promotions for different directions.

You can check it on our website in the section of International Mobile Recharge.

So, these are our tricks on how to save the budget.

We use all of these options equally and can assure you that they really work. Have a very happy time here and say Hello to your family!

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