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Many people have a question, how to recharge China mobile. With a Chinese SIM card topping up your account is very easy. You can do this online at any time of the day. Just sit down at your computer and follow the link https://paynet.red/mobile/china.

Mobile Operators in China

There are three leading Chinese operators in China in terms of consumer preferences. These are China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom. The first one has a good coverage area but even it cannot always guarantee a stable signal in remote provinces of the country. However, tourists hardly need to visit them. The only exception is Tibet with its mountains.

Unicom, on the other hand, traditionally outperforms Mobile in the quality and tariffs of mobile Internet. If you use its SIM card, you don't have to worry about the stability and speed of 3G at all.

Few people use ordinary mobile communications in China. Most Chinese people make audio and video calls using Wechat, Skype, or Viber. Therefore, in China, you need a SIM card with good internet. Calls and SMS are up to you.

We strongly recommend that you check the tariffs carefully so that you do not pay 300-500 yuan (50-80 dollars) for mobile in the first month. At the same time, the subscription fee can be quite modest, and most of the payment will be gigabytes due to an unsuccessfully chosen package.

Where to Buy a SIM Card in China

It is the most convenient and fastest to buy a SIM card at the airport immediately after arrival. But here it costs four times more than in regular retail (about 200 yuan).

Another common option is to purchase a SIM card in a communication salon. Please note that not all personnel speak English even in Beijing. The cost of cards here is much cheaper than at the airport.

The third option is to buy a SIM card on the street. SIM cards are sold in many stores and supermarkets but their cost may be slightly higher than in salons.

To buy a SIM card in China, you only need a passport and personal presence. Before leaving China, you must definitely go to the branch and close the contract, otherwise, debts on the subscription fee will accumulate.

Many subscribers in China have 2 SIM cards. If there is such a need, then they can be issued for one passport without any problems.

How to Check Mobile Balance in China

In order to send recharge to China mobile in time, it is necessary to check the balance. It's very easy to do this:

  • To check the balance of China Mobile, register on the operator's website and use your personal account, which displays the balance of traffic, money, and minutes. You can also send the Ye code to 10086.
  • To check the balance on China Unique to number 10010, send the code 102 or Ye. The Cxyl code will help you check the used and remaining traffic.
  • To check the balance on your China Telecom account, send an SMS with the code 102 to 10001 or use the operator's application.

How to Top Up a Mobile Phone in China via the Internet

To top up your mobile account in China, you can contact the communication salon. But quickly and conveniently, replenishment can be sent via the Internet. If you also speak Chinese, you can try using your operator’s website.

But the fastest and the most convenient way for China mobile recharge online to replenish is a PayNet online service. To top up your account, follow three simple steps:

  • Log in to your account or register on the website.
  • Select the operator and top-up amount.
  • Choose the appropriate payment method and pay for the top-up.

Mobile phones of any operators in China are replenished instantly. This means that the top-up will be sent directly to the mobile phone number within a few seconds. Replenishment can be sent both from China and from abroad. The main thing is to have an internet connection and a credit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay.

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