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Is it easy to buy a starter pack in France to always stay connected? Yes, but only if it is a prepaid starter package (a certain amount on the account). SIM cards with a contract, which are preferred by the French themselves, are practically inaccessible to foreigners. For their registration, you need not only a passport but also an account in a French bank. Nevertheless, there are options on how to save money on mobile communications in Paris and other cities of the country. Be sure to always have money in your account. To quickly recharge France mobiles online, just follow the link https://paynet.red/mobile/france.

Which Operator to Choose in France?

The criteria for choosing a mobile operator include the length of stay in the country, the expected duration of telephone conversations, and the location of outgoing calls.

  • Orange. In France, you can buy a Mobicarte Mini SIM card for 2.99 euros and top it up with the necessary plan. The replenishment price starts from 5 euros.
  • Bouygues Telecom. The operator offers a tourist SIM card My European SIM for 39.90 euros. The price includes a balance of 25 euros for calls to non-EU countries and 20 GB of internet. Calls and SMS within the European Union are free. The company also offers SIM cards with different expiration dates and plans. Prices start from 8 euros.
  • SFR. The company is primarily popular with skiers, as it provides good communication quality in the most remote areas of the country. SFR offers to purchase a SIM card and top it up with the necessary plan.
  • Free. The company offers three no-obligation service packages. The card itself (50 Mb of internet, 2 hours of calls, and unlimited SMS) can be purchased for 2 euros.

Of particular note is Lycamobile, which acts as a virtual operator on the Bouygues Télécom network in 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE. The customer service and the internet site are available in both French and English, making it a good choice for visitors with a limited understanding of French.

Lycamobile SIM cards can be ordered free of charge through the Lycamobile official website and will be sent to a French postal address. In addition, they can be purchased at many French tobacconists and chain stores, including Relay, Monoprix, and Carrefour.

The period of the Lycamobile France card validity is from 30 to 90 days, depending on the top-up amount. SIM cards that have not been used or topped up for 90 days are blocked.

New SIM cards must be activated by calling 323 (in French) from a phone or online (in English), providing a postal address, phone number, and identification (passport).

How to Recharge Mobile Balance in France?

Account replenishment is available in the same places where you buy a SIM card. You can do France mobile recharge online by international credit card on the Internet on the operator's website. Before replenishing the account, check the balance on the phone. You can check the balance and data limit on the Lycamobile France SIM card by dialing the *131# call button on your device.

How to Top-up Your Mobile Balance in France Online?

To send a recharge to France online quickly without leaving your home, use a convenient service such as Paynet.Red. All you need to do is go to the website and select the appropriate tariff and payment method. To replenish your account, you can use any credit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay. After you confirm the payment, the replenishment will be instantly sent to your account.

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