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Going to Italy for more than a month, you will undoubtedly think about buying a local phone number. Especially if you received a roaming bill from your mobile operator in your home country before, next time you will think about where to buy a SIM card and how to top up your account in advance. By the way, if you already have a SIM card, you can send mobile recharge to Italy by clicking on the link https://paynet.red/mobile/italy.

Mobile Operators in Italy

There are four main mobile operators in Italy.

  • Mobile operator TIM. TIM is the former Telecom Italy. It is the largest, most powerful, and most reliable telecommunication company in Italy. This means high quality but also rather high prices.
  • Vodafone Italia. Former Italian Omnitel in 2003 became Vodafone Italy. It has an extensive network of salons and good connection quality.
  • Cellular operator Wind. Since 2016, Wind and Tre (H3G) have merged but each operated under its own brand. Since March 2020, the united operator Windtre has appeared on the market.
  • Iliad. The French operator in Italian is pronounced Iliad and has been operating in the Italian market since 2018. It features interesting offers (currently 7.99 € per month for 50 GB of the Internet and unlimited calls or 4.99 without Internet). The peculiarity of the operator is the lack of offices (there is only one in Milan) and the sale of SIM cards through self-service machines or by mail. An attractively priced offer is difficult for a foreigner without language knowledge and the Italian tax code but it is suitable for those who are going for permanent residence in Italy.

Offers from the Operator Wind

It makes no sense to describe in detail the tariff plans of operators since tariffs are constantly changing. Special offers and promotions for new subscribers constantly appear. But one example can be given. Many tourists choose Wind SIM cards for several reasons:

  • The starter package of the mobile operator Wind costs 10 euros on the account of 5 euros.
  • The cost of the All Inclusive package is 10 euros per month. The service includes 100 minutes of calls within Italy, 100 SMS messages, and 1 GB of mobile data.
  • The cost of the All Inclusive package is 12 euros per month. The service includes 250 minutes of calls within Italy, 250 SMS messages, and 1 GB of mobile data
  • The cost of the package Calls abroad is 1 euro per month. The service allows you to call Russia for 0.1 euro per minute.

Where to buy SIM Cards in Italy

It is best to buy SIM cards in official mobile phone shops. Every SIM card must be activated after purchase so that you can start using it. When activating Italian SIM cards, you will be required to give a scan or photo of the first page of your passport.

How to Top-up a Mobile Account in Italy

You will most likely choose one of the 'rechargeable' tariffs with a pre-payment system. You can pay for communication in most supermarkets, communication stores, or tobacco stalls. Buy a card at the checkout and you will be given a separate receipt with a code that must be sent via SMS or dialed through the operator’s voice menu. Often, mobile phone payments are accepted at gas stations.

You can pay for mobile at an ATM only with an ATM card (not a classic credit card but a VISA Electron or Maestro) issued by one of the Italian banks.

You can make Italy mobile recharge online via the Internet on the operator's website only with a 'classic' credit card. Some operators accept payments via PayPal.

But the most convenient option is a special online service Paynet.Red. To recharge Italy online, all you need is an internet connection, a credit card, and a few minutes of free time. After confirmation of payment, the money will be sent to your mobile account instantly.

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