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After moving to Spain, you will sooner or later begin to get acquainted with local essential services. One of them is mobile communications. Even if you came not on a residence permit, but on vacation or business, you will at least need the Internet. For a foreigner, it is like an information center that is always at hand. Roaming prices bite, so we advise you to buy a Spanish SIM card. So you will always be in touch and save money. And make sure that there is always money on your mobile account. To recharge Spain use the link https://paynet.red/mobile/spain.

Mobile Operators and Tariffs in Spain

In Spain, there are 4 famous mobile operators: British Vodafone, Spanish Movistar, French Orange, and Swedish-Finnish Yoigo. Several dozens of virtual operators use their equipment on lease. Their prices are usually lower due to savings on infrastructure maintenance but the connection quality can sometimes fail. The fact is that they receive only the network capacity that remains from servicing the customers of the main operator.

Mobile tariffs in Spain are divided into two types:

  • Prepaid. Suitable for both residents and non-residents. To get a card, you need to make an advance payment. Recharging of the balance is available in special points or online.
  • Contract. Available only to residents. The client concludes a contract with the operator for 12-18 months, gives information about his account, and the subscription fee is debited from him every month. If the call or internet limit ends earlier, the balance can be topped up.

When registering a contract tariff, the operator will block the subscriber's phone so that he cannot support other SIM cards. When the contract ends, the device will be unlocked.

Together with a mobile communication contract, some operators offer to buy a phone at a reduced price. In fact, this is an installment plan that must be paid off while the contract is in effect. Every month, the subscription fee and part of the cost of the phone will be debited from the account.

Where to Buy a SIM Card in Spain

You can connect to mobile communications in branded stores of the main operators. Look for them in malls or on major city streets. On the operator's website, the card can be ordered online and the courier will bring it.

Where else you can buy SIMs:

  • chain of salons The Phone House;
  • special racks in shopping centers, supermarkets, railway stations, and airports;
  • locutorio – an analog of an Internet cafe (true, the choice there is small).

What Do You Need to Use Mobile Communications

If you are a non-resident of Spain, that is, you came on a tourist visa, then you need to provide:

  • identity document;
  • address of registration or residence (a hotel is suitable);
  • contact information.

Residents who have chosen a contract rate have to add their bank account info to this list. After logging into the operator's website, access to your personal account will open. There will be information about the balance, calls, and additional services.

How to Recharge the Balance on the Phone

There are so many ways to recharge a mobile in Spain that you will definitely not be left without a connection. The balance can be replenished:

  • by bank card or cash in the operator’s salon or The Phone House network, at the post office;
  • a mobile payment card (sold in supermarkets);
  • on the mobile operator website with a bank card or via PayPal;
  • by calling or sending a message to the service center (you need to register a bank card there in advance);
  • in stalls selling cigarettes;
  • in stationery stores;
  • in supermarkets.

But the most convenient way is Spain mobile recharge online using a special Paynet.Red service. The service accepts Visa and Mastercard, PayPal, and Apple Pay for payment. Funds are credited to your mobile phone account instantly at any time of the day after payment confirmation.

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